Creating Templates

Is your team often working on the same kind of activities? And you don't want to recreate the same projects, groupings and tasks time and time again? 

We got you covered. We made it very easy to save any project as a template so that your team can get up and running with a new project in seconds.

Create Template

To create a new template:
  • Open a project you would like to use as source for your template.
  • Open the project menu in the top left.
  • Select Save project as template... from the dropdown menu

  • Enter a name and optionally a description for your template that clearly describes the purpose of your template.

  • Specify your template options
  • Include project owners & members. Include the project owners & members in your template if you want to invite the same owners & members to new projects created from this template. All tasks will be assigned to the same members as set in your source project. If you opt to not include the project owners & members, all tasks will be assigned to the creator of the new project.
  • Include task due dates? Task due dates can be included in the template as well. These due dates will be recalculated relatively to either the start or due date of the new  projects created from your template.

  • Share your template. By default, only the creator of a template can use the template to create new projects. If you want your colleagues to use the same template as well, you can share your template with them. Simply add them to the users list.

  • Click Create Template to create your new template.

Start a new project based on your template

When you now start a new project, you will be able to select one of your templates as a source for the new project.

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