Creating Projects

Projects are perfect for relating similar tasks and organizing discussions with your project members. Use a project for a larger goal and a task for an action someone on your team needs to take in order to achieve that goal.

Create a Project

To create a new project, click the red + icon on the home page or on the projects overview page.

Follow the steps on the Create Project page:

Select Template
In the first step you need to select the project template you want to use for your new project. A template defines the tasks that will be available once the project gets created. Select the default Empty Box template to create an empty project.

Note that this step is skipped if you don't have any custom templates available.

Fill in Project Details
Fill in some details about the project:
  • What are you working on? Put in one sentence what the project is about. This will be used as the name of the project.
  • What is the purpose? Optionally describe the purpose of the project. This description will be shown on the project page.
  • What is the start date for your project? Optionally set a start date for your project.
  • What is the due date for your project? Optionally set a target date for your project.
  • Privacy. Set as a private or a public project. Only invited users are allowed to access a private project while everyone is allowed to access public projects.

Add an Attachment
You can optionally add an attachment to your project to provide your project members with additional information. E.g., if you're creating a project to work on a presentation, you could attach that presentation to the project. Or if you are preparing a meeting you could attach the meeting from your calendar to the project.

If you do not want to add an attachment, simply click Skip this step.

We're ready to launch!
The last step gives you an overview of the project that you're going to create. Hit the Create my project button to create your project.

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