Recurring Tasks

Recurring tasks take the work out of tasks that you need to complete daily, weekly, monthly, or even annually. When you complete an occurence of your task, the next occurrence will appear in your task list.

Create a Recurring Task

To create a recurring task:
  • Click a task in your task list
  • Make sure that the task has a due date set. If no due date is set, do so first
  • Click the Not repeated label to change the recurrence of the task
  • You can either select Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly as a recurrence pattern.
  • Adjust the frequency if necessary (e.g., repeat every 3 weeks)

Stop Recurring Tasks

To stop tasks from recurring you need to remove the recurrence setting on the task:
  • Click on the recurrence setting on the task pane
  • Select Never repeat from the dropdown menu

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