Assigning Tasks

The assignees field designates the task owners. A task can be assigned to multiple users at the same time. The assignees can be changed by the owner of the task, the creator of the task and the project owners of the project that contains the task.

Each person’s set of assigned tasks will appear in their My Tasks list.

Assign a Task

Using the people picker

To assign a task:
  • Select the task
  • Click the Add a user text box
  • Start typing the name of the user you want to add as assignee
  • Select a user from the suggestions that are shown

To remove someone from the list of assignees:
  • Hover over the user you want to remove
  • Click the X button that appears

If you remove all assignees, the task will be listed as unassigned. This is useful if you don't who will become responsible for a task or if you want to offer a list of tasks to your team members that they can pick when they have time available. When a user picks a task he or she assigns it to himself.

Using drag & drop

You can assign a task to a user by means of drag & drop as well:
  • Change the grouping of your task list to By Assigned To using the group by selector
  • Drag a task from one group to another group to change the assignee of the task

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