Creating Tasks

Tasks are the the core of Tasks in a Box. You can create tasks, assign them to yourself or others, set due dates, add attachments or comment on them. 

Creating Tasks

You can quickly add a new task to your task list by start typing in a task input field. Enter the title of your task and hit 'Return' (or 'Enter') on your keyboard. A new task will be promptly added to your task list.

If your task list shows multiple groups (e.g., because you grouped your tasks by due date), each group will have its own task input field. When you create a task in a group, the task will inherit the properties of that group. E.g., creating a task in the 'Today' group will automatically set the due date of the new task to the current date.

If you need to elaborate what the purpose of the task is, or what the assigned users’ roles will be in completing it, you can do so in the task description field. Click on the newly created task. The task pane will slide open showing you all the details of the task. Click on the task description field to start editing the description. Save your description by clicking outside the description field.

TIP. Enter a URL in your task description and Tasks in a Box will convert it into a clickable hyperlink.

Make a Copy

You can create a copy of an existing task as well:
  • Select the task you want to duplicate
  • Click the advanced menu at the bottom of the task pane (next to the recycle bin icon)
  • Select 'Duplicate task' from the dropdown menu
A copy of your task is added to your task list.

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